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Foxx Files for Re-Election for Congressional Primaries Set for June 7

Congresswoman Virginia Foxx filed for reelection today with the North Carolina Board of Elections.  Foxx is running for reelection in North Carolina’s 5th Congressional District, which covers much of northwest North Carolina.


“Our nation is at a historic crossroads,” Foxx said.  “President Obama and his liberal allies have tried to take us down a road of government coercion, higher taxes and soul-crushing regulation.  North Carolina voters from all walks of life tell me virtually every day that we cannot go any farther down that road.

“They are right—which is why I’m running for Congress.

“I’ve been fighting to keep government in check, to lower taxes and give Americans more freedom from government mandates and regulations.  North Carolina families want someone who will stand on principle and who has a strong track record of fighting for, and enacting, conservative solutions to the problems facing our nation.

“Conservative ideas that return power to the people work.  I’m excited to keep fighting for those ideas and to make the case for conservative solutions to the voters, because I’ve seen them work time after time.

“It’s time to put an end to the Obama administration’s era of incompetence and big-government boondoggles.  I’m confident that my record of holding this administration and its liberal allies accountable speaks for itself.  So I promise to continue fighting tirelessly to put conservative ideas to work if given the honor of representing the Fifth District in Congress.”

Foxx is widely recognized for her successes reining in wasteful government spending, enacting commonsense solutions that curtail the growth of government and for standing up for the unborn and for North Carolina families.  As a former small business owner, Foxx also knows the struggles that job creators face and is dedicated to eliminating outdated and burdensome government regulations.

Foxx is considered one of North Carolina’s most conservative members of Congress.  In fact, both the National Journal magazine and the American Conservative Union have ranked Foxx as one of the most conservative members of Congress for her strong track record of supporting commonsense solutions to America’s problems.

North Carolina’s Congressional primaries are currently scheduled to be held on June 7, 2016