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Foxx: I Cast Third Vote To Avoid Government Shutdown, Ensure Fair Treatment for All Under ObamaCare

Sept. 30, 2013. Congresswoman Virginia Foxx tonight issued the following statement upon the passage of the third bipartisan Continuing Resolution from the House of Representatives to fund the federal government in advance of the fiscal year deadline:

U.S. Rep. Virginia Foxx
U.S. Rep. Virginia Foxx

“Tonight I cast my third separate vote to keep the federal government open to the American people.  With each vote, House Republicans are trying to work with our Senate colleagues to shape a bipartisan solution to fund our government, but the Senate didn’t even show up to work yesterday and is antagonistic to the notion of compromise. Such politicking is unbelievably disheartening at so critical a moment.

“We are asking to fund the government and ensure that Americans are treated fairly under Obamacare. October 1 not only marks the beginning of the federal fiscal year, it’s also the day Obamacare insurance exchanges will launch throughout the country. In North Carolina, the rates available through the exchanges may be triple or quadruple what individuals are paying now, and there will be fewer providers to choose from. North Carolinians should get the same one year break from Obamacare’s individual mandate that the President unilaterally chose to extend to big businesses. 

“Additionally, Members of Congress, Congressional Staff, the President, Vice President, and presidential appointees and cabinet members should receive fair treatment under Obamacare, not special treatment. The President’s choice to direct his Office of Personnel Management to extend premium contributions to Members of Congress and Congressional Staff undermines the spirit of the law, and we are correcting that through this Continuing Resolution.

“The Senate has just hours left to start working with House Republicans to keep the government open. We should be able to agree on the need for fairness in Obamacare’s implementation. It’s only right to enact this reform now and keep the government open.”

* Release from Foxx’s office