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Foxx: 368,000 Americans Give Up On Finding Work

Rep. Virginia Foxx

Foxx: President’s Policies of Overspending and Imminent Tax Increases are Wrong Match for Economic Recovery

Sept. 10, 2012. Congresswoman Virginia Foxx (R-NC) today released the following statement upon the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ announcement that only 96,000 jobs were added in the month of August while nearly four times as many Americans left the workforce altogether:

“Last month, 368,000 of our fellow Americans lost their confidence in the job market and gave up their search for work, making August the 43rd straight month with national unemployment above 8%.

“Sadly, not since the Great Depression has an economic recovery been so delayed and hampered by misguided government policies. The 12.5 million Americans still actively looking for work, to no avail, deserve better from their government than the adventures in overspending, overtaxing, absent budgets, and bureaucratic bloat that have defined this Administration.

“President Obama’s lack of understanding with regard to the private sector has led him in the wrong direction at every turn. His “Stimulus,” Obamacare, heightened regulations, and squandering of taxpayer dollars on crony-capitalist ventures such as Solyndra have brought us to this point. And as today’s unemployment numbers show, a different strategy is needed to turn the economic tide.

“Rather than doubling down on the same wrongheaded policies of spending more and raising taxes on nearly 1,000,000 small businesses, which will cause an additional loss of 710,000 private sector jobs, the President should let go of his tax fixation, commit to tax stability for all Americans, and demand action on the 36 Republican jobs bills being ignored by his friends in the Senate.”