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Former Resident of Watauga County, Linda McGee, Now Running for Third Term as NC Court of Appeals Judge

By Paul T. Choate

Feb. 28, 2012. BOONE — Linda McGee, North Carolina Court of Appeals judge, visited her former place of residence here in Boone today while on the campaign trail. She is seeking her third consecutive nomination to the NC Court of Appeals.

McGee is originally from Marion, N.C., but spent 17 years practicing law in Boone at di Santi, Watson, Capua, & Wilson (then di Santi, Watson & McGee).

“My claim to fame is the fact that I practiced law [in Boone] for 17 years,” said McGee.

When asked why she wanted to run for a third term, McGee said, “I still get excited when I pick up my next 12 cases to work on. I’m interested in what these issues are going to be and I am interested in how they affect people’s lives.”

One problem McGee faces, along with all others aspiring to be an NC Court of Appeals judge, is that they appear at the very bottom of the ballot. McGee said many times people will not even vote for any of the candidates because they simply do not know who they are.

“People have to genuinely want to vote for us,” she said. She added, however, that voter guides have helped because they contain information about every NC Court of Appeals candidate and are free to all registered voters.

Though working in Raleigh these days, McGee fondly remembers her time spent in the High Country.

“I am proud of the fact that I learned to practice law in Watauga County and had the pleasure of being involved in the community. I was active and interested and involved,” she said. “I was the first woman president of the Watauga County Bar Association … Any time I get an invitation I will be here.”

Her husband, Gary McGee, was also a prominent figure in the High County. He served as the first county manager for Watauga County.