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Doyle Challenges U.S. Rep. Foxx in GOP Primary

Phillip Doyle (left) is challenging incumbent U.S. Rep. Virginia Foxx in the primary.
Phillip Doyle (left) is challenging incumbent U.S. Rep. Virginia Foxx in the primary.

Compiled by Jesse Wood

April 21, 2014. Phillip Doyle is challenging incumbent U.S. Rep. Virginia Foxx in the upcoming primary elections. Below are statements announcing their candidacy. While Foxx didn’t acknowledge her challenger, Doyle “came out swinging,” as one political analyst put it. See the announcements below and links to find out more about each candidates. The winner would then face challengers from the Democratic and Libertarian parties in the general election in November.

Incumbent Virginia Foxx

U.S. Rep. Virginia Foxx
U.S. Rep. Virginia Foxx

Virginia Foxx announced her plans to run for re-election in North Carolina’s Fifth Congressional District.

“There is no place I’d rather live and represent in Congress than North Carolina’s Fifth District, Foxx said. “The trust that the people of the Fifth District have placed in me is humbling and I am energized and dedicated to working hard to find common-sense solutions to the challenges facing North Carolinians.

During her time in Congress, Foxx has led the charge to rein in wasteful government spending and harmful regulations.  She is well-known as a champion of fiscal responsibility and a vocal proponent of reducing the national debt.  As a former small business owner, Foxx understands that small businesses are engines of economic growth and that government needs to reduce burdens on businesses so that innovators can create more good North Carolina jobs.

“Congress needs people who have a backbone, who will stand up for what’s right and who know how to solve problems without expanding government and without creating more debt,” Foxx said.  “I will continue to work hard to stop the Washington big-government-perpetual-spending machine and will stand up for the values of hard-working North Carolina families.”

Foxx is considered one of the most conservative Members of Congress and is a vocal leader for conservative solutions for America’s problems.   In fact, both the National Journal magazine and the American Conservative Union have ranked Foxx one of the most conservative members of Congress.

“The hard truth is that our government has gotten too big, too intrusive and too expensive.  We need a return to the limited federal government our founders envisioned,” Foxx said.  “As a small-government conservative, I will remain vigilant in protecting our freedoms from the overreach of the federal government and will faithfully serve the people of North Carolina’s Fifth Congressional District.”

North Carolina’s Fifth Congressional District includes all of Alexander, Ashe, Alleghany, Davie, Watauga, Wilkes and Yadkin counties as well as parts of Catawba, Davidson, Forsyth, Iredell and Rowan counties.

For Foxx’s Facebook page, click here.

Challenger Phillip Doyle

Below is a statement from Philip Doyle, who is a Republican challenging U.S. Rep. Virginia Foxx in the May primary.


“I filed as a Candidate for Congress in the Republican Primary for the 5th District of North Carolina against the incumbent Virginia Foxx.

Virginia Foxx has failed to live up to her previous promises to her constituents.  She has failed in her oath to support and defend the Constitution.  She has not well and faithfully discharged the duties of her office in defense of the Constitution.  Her recent betrayal of our uniformed warriors of the armed services, as well as the retired and medically retired veterans of our armed services, is an unforgivable offense.  Her treachery against those to whom we owe so much has brought shame and disrepute upon herself, her office and the United States House of Representatives.

As a Veteran and a constitutional conservative, I will represent the Fighting 5th District of North Carolina as a true defender of the Constitution and a warrior to preserve  and reclaim the Liberty, Freedom and Sovereignty we are losing more of every day.

Our Republic will not survive without every  member of the House of Representatives upholding their duty to the Constitution and the principles of real fiscal responsibility, constitutionally limited government and free market economic policies.  It is this duty the office requires.  It is this duty that must be performed for every citizen of the proud and historic Fighting 5th District of North Carolina.”

Philip Doyle is a  husband, father, veteran, realtor, constitutional conservative.

For more about Doyle, click here.