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Cornett, Fenwick, Henries Earn Seat on School Board

School Board
Updated screenshot from the State Board of Elections website

Editor’s Note: On Wednesday morning after the story below was published, Watauga County Elections Director Jane Ann Hodges announced that the Cove Creek precinct was “double counted” on Election Day. This changed the final count of races on Watauga ballots. 

Instead of Jason Cornett being the highest votegetter in the school board race, that honor now goes to Jay Fenwick. Cornett is the second-highest votegetter and Ron Henries will still fill the third seat on the Watauga County Board of Education.

The above screenshot is the accurate result. 

By Jesse Wood


Nov. 4, 2014. Even though two conservative school board members currently on the Watauga County Board of Education – Delora Hodges and Dr. Lee Warren – decided not to run for re-election, the Watauga County Board of Education will have another pair of conservatives each Monday night at monthly school board meetings in the next term.

The race is technically a nonpartisan race, but Jason Cornett and Ron Henries both describe themselves as conservative.

Cornett was the top votegetter with 19.13 percent of the vote. Meanwhile, Henries placed in third with 16.99 percent of the vote.

“I just have to say, ‘Thank you.’ I am so humbled tonight. It is time to get to work for our children and school system,” Cornett said on his campaign Facebook page. “Watauga County, sincerely, thank you.”

Jay Fenwick, who ran a strong race in 2012 and came within about 80 votes of winning one of the three seats two years ago, took second place with 18.66 percent of the vote.

“I feel honored by your trust in me. I feel thankful for the tireless of support of so many on my behalf. I feel excitement to begin working for our children’s education,” Fenwick said on his campaign Facebook page. “Thank you.”

Amazingly, Adam Trivette, another conservative, received nearly 13 percent of the vote – 4,999 votes. Trivette didn’t show up to any of the candidate forums nor did he respond to questions from the media leading up to the election.

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