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Conservative Deanna Ballard Announces Candidacy for District 45 in N.C. Senate

Here is Deanna Ballard’s Candidacy Announcement and Bio:

Dear friends,

Deanna Ballard-002I am excited to announce that I am running for State Senate in the 45th District of North Carolina. It’s time to champion the principles of compassion, courage, and civility that we are known for. It’s time to pay attention to how we respond to each other as citizens – when we agree and when we disagree.

Our Senators and Representatives had a brutal session last year, and I believe I can build bridges across the divides of gender, culture, doctrine, and politics. I will focus on and propel what we are for – not what we are against. Fighting for protection of our 2nd Amendment rights, individual property rights, religious liberties, and core family and community values. I believe that I can offer a fresh perspective and tone to the voices of the NC General Assembly.

My parents taught me not to mince my words, and I will intentionally focus on straight-talk solutions that will provide a bold and thoughtful approach to the issues that are on the hearts and minds of the hard-working men and women of the 45th District and the state of North Carolina.

In the coming weeks, I will be sharing more of my thoughts about the issues facing North Carolina today. For the latest news and updates, sign up here. I appreciate your support and prayers.

Ballard’s BIO

Deanna Ballard is a native of North Carolina who has built a career based on dedicated service to others and a firm foundation in conservative values. She currently serves as Director of the Office of the President/CEO for Samaritan’s Purse, an international Christian relief organization headquartered in Boone and the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association based in Charlotte.

Her work for the organizations includes helping to direct administrative, financial, and operational activities on behalf of the president/CEO, Franklin Graham, in order to coordinate complex humanitarian and ministry efforts across multiple offices around the world. She also advises and assists senior leadership and other stakeholders in determining effective strategy to move the organizations forward in accordance with their core missions.

Deanna first became involved in political service as a volunteer for George W. Bush’s

Presidential Advance Team and quickly rose through the ranks to become Special Assistant to the President and Director of Scheduling and Advance for the First Lady—making her one of the youngest female commissioned officers within the Bush administration.

While serving with President and Mrs. Bush, Deanna improved productivity and efficiency by merging and restructuring the functions of Scheduling and Advance. She oversaw the planning and implementation of a wide range of high-level events for the president and first lady, and she served as a bridge between the East and West Wings of the White House. Her work spanned across a wide spectrum of responsibilities from managing large teams of staff and volunteers to logistics to messaging and communications.

Prior to her time with President and Mrs. Bush, Deanna served as the Director of Advance for Department of Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff and Deputy Director of Advance for Department of Education Secretary Rod Paige. Her work with Secretary Paige strengthened her resolve to fight for quality education as she visited classrooms across the country, met school leaders, and listened as teachers shared their successes and challenges at roundtable events.

Throughout her successful career, Deanna has remained committed to the conservative principles that defined her childhood in North Carolina. As the daughter of a public school teacher and a logger in a family-owned business, she gained an appreciation for hard work, family values, and the opportunities that can only come from free enterprise. She is deeply engaged with small business owners and has extensive knowledge of the challenges they encounter.

Deanna has a degree in Business from Belmont University and has served as an advisory board member for Project GOPINK! and SHEPAC. She was also an E.A. Morris Fellowship for Emerging Leaders fellow. In her free time, Deanna serves on the worship team at her church, runs half marathons, and loves exploring new places and hiking along the Blue Ridge Parkway. Her favorite activities are those that allow her the opportunity to equip others to reach their full potential.