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Civitas Analyzes First Day of One-Stop Voting, Democrats Turnout Less than 2008, GOP Rises Modestly

Oct. 22, 2012. The Civitas Institute, which touts itself as “North Carolina’s conservative voice,” has analyzed the voting numbers from the first day of One-Stop Voting and from the overall early voting process so far.

According to the State Board of Elections data, 150,872 people turned out to vote on the first day of One-Stop Voting.

“As in 2008, this year’s One-Stop Voting brought heavy Democratic turnout,” said Susan Myrick, Senior Elections Analyst for the Civitas Institute. “Yet the Democratic share of the ballots dipped slightly, as Republicans and unaffiliated voters increased their share of early voting.”

Civitas will continue to analyze the voter turnout numbers during the early voting period. To get your own first-hand look at the official statistics in a user-friendly format, visit NC Vote Tracker (www.ncvotetracker.com) for yourself.

Here’s how the vote totals and percentages of the vote by party compare:

Party            2008 (before 1-stop)               2012 (before 1-stop)

Democrat     15,780       28.88%                   18,251         27.10%

Republican   30,048       54.99%                   36,514          54.21%

Unaffil.           8,772        16.05%                   12,467         18.51%

Lib                     42            0.08%                     120           0.18%

Total Vote    54,642                                      67,352       

Party            2008 (after 1st day of 1-stop)   2012 (after 1st day of 1-stop)

Democrat     91,175       51.85%                   105,659       47.30%

Republican   56,731       32.26%                   77,675         34.77%

Unaffil.         27,849       15.84%                   39,667         17.76%

Lib                      83        0.05%                         382           0.17%

Total Vote    175,838                                    223,383     

The 2012-to-date numbers have more Democrats (105,659) voting than Republicans (77,675) or unaffiliated voters (39,667). But the total percentage of Democrats voting was down about 4-½ points from 2008. Republicans were voting at a rate of about 2-½ points higher, and the unaffiliated vote was about 2 points higher than in that year.

Every day, ncvotetracker.com updates State Board of Elections data and puts them into an easy-to-use format. NC Vote Tracker illuminates the voting by county, party, legislative districts, race and gender.

(Note: Hyde and Lee Counties were not included in the State Board of Elections data of the first day of One-Stop voting numbers.)

More information on the Civitas Institute is available at www.nccivitas.org, or contact Civitas Election Analyst Susan Myrick or Communications Director Jim Tynen at (919) 834-2099.