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BRCA Releases Video of Entire Candidate Forum for the Elections in Blowing Rock

By Jesse Wood

The Blowing Rock Civic Association has released video of the group’s candidate forum for the 2015 municipal elections that was held last week at the American Legion Building in downtown Blowing Rock.

See the video above or click to the BRCA’s website.

Read coverage of the forum below.

By Jesse Wood

The Blowing Rock Civic Association held a candidate forum at the Blowing Rock American Legion building on Monday that more than 75 people attended.

All of the candidates – incumbent Mayor J.B. Lawrence, mayoral challenger Charlie Sellers, owner of The Blowing Rock attraction, incumbent Councilmen Dan Phillips and Al Yount and challenger and former Councilman Jim Steele – attended.

Each candidate answered a variety of questions pertaining to “managing our destiny,” “knowledge of the issues,” “protection of the village environment,” “comprehensive and fair governance” and “commercial growth.”

Prior to these questions, however, the candidates gave a brief opening statement to the audience present and those listening over the radio airwaves.

Lawrence led off by stating that his number one focus will be doing “whatever it takes to keep our small town small.” This would be a topic of a question later in the meeting and has been a topic of concern since the NCDOT began inquiring about widening U.S. 321 through Blowing Rock many years ago.

He acknowledged that he’s been serving as the mayor for quite a while. People mention term limits when trying to knock Lawrence off his mayoral pedestal.

“But I also have a lot experience. I’ve served under a lot of councils and great people. We’ve accomplished a lot under my watch, but I’ve had a lot of help,” Lawrence said, adding that going forward he expected to accomplish a “whole lot more.”

To read entire story featuring responses from the other candidates, click here. 

The Blowing Rock Chamber sponsors its annual candidate forum on Monday, Oct. 19, at at 5:30 p.m. in the Blowing Rock School.