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Axiom Strategies & Remington Research Group: Trump Leads Watauga County by Four Points

Axiom Strategies in a collaboration with Remington Research Group is polling select swing counties throughout the United States. These battleground counties reside in battleground states and have historically been indicators for the eventual statewide election result.

Watauga County, North Carolina has been selected as one of these counties. Historically this county has been a predictor for the eventual statewide result. Trump currently leads Clinton in Watauga County by four points.

Full polling results, historical election results and key findings from the survey can be found at

Full project scope below:

Axiom Strategies set out to find a select group of counties that have historically been indicators for statewide presidential election results. We analyzed individual county election results dating back to 2000 in order to select areas that best fit our criteria. The search began by identifying counties that had correctly predicted the statewide result in each of the last four presidential elections. We then chose the counties that consistently matched the overall statewide result within a few percentage points. Seven counties that reside in seven battleground states fit our criteria and were selected to be Axiom’s Battleground Counties. Axiom’s Battleground Counties are:

Hillsborough County, Florida
Jefferson County, Colorado
Watauga County, North Carolina
Sandusky County, Ohio
Luzerne County, Pennsylvania
Loudoun County, Virginia
Washoe County, Nevada

Axiom Strategies through its polling firm, Remington Research Group, will periodically survey these individual counties. The results of these surveys will provide insights into the 2016 presidential election that are currently unavailable. The first round of polling has been completed. Ballot topline results can be found below.

Trump Poll


Find more information on each county, full survey results and key findings on each survey at AxiomStrategies.com/abc

Axiom Strategies is the largest Republican political consulting firm in the country. The firm was founded in 2005 by Jeff Roe. Axiom Strategies is a full service political consulting firm providing general consulting, digital and direct voter contact.

Remington Research Group is a polling firm founded in an effort to provide more reliable and affordable polling for campaigns throughout the country. Remington Research Group surveys have been featured in RealClearPolitics, Newsweek, U.S. News & World Report, the Wall Street Journal and numerous local media throughout the United States.