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ASU College Republicans on Loss of Campus Voting Site: ‘Simple Change’ Won’t Prevent Students From Voting

During the last election cycle, ASU College Republicans hold up signs supporting Mitt Romney for president. State Rep. Jonathan Jordan is on the right and State Sen. Dan Soucek is on the left. Photo courtesy of ASU College of Republicans

By Jesse Wood

Aug. 20, 2013. Regarding the decision by the Republican-led Watauga County Board of Elections to eliminate voting precincts on the campus of ASU, the ASU Student Body President Dylan Russell told the Raleigh News & Observer that while he found the decision “deeply troubling,” he noted that one of his professors saw a silver lining in what took place.

“He said it was a really cool moment to see college Republicans and college Democrats working together to bring voting to campus,” Russell told the newspaper. 

While those in opposition were outraged with the decision, which still leaves a polling precinct within walking distance to the college campus, Appalachian State College Republican Chairwoman Caroline Hartman viewed the new measures the Watauga County Board of Elections adopted recently as a “simple change” that “will in no way keep students from voting.”

In a brief statement via email, Hartman wrote, “The Appalachian State College Republicans view the Board of Elections recent decision regarding voting locations as a simple change – we will easily adapt. Given the new polling place’s close proximity to campus, this change will in no way keep students from voting. As College Republicans we encourage students to vote and are confident our efforts will continue to result in the election of Conservatives in Watauga County.”

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