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Ashe and Watauga County Republican Parties Pass Variety of Resolutions at Annual Coventions

Compiled by Jesse Wood

March 28, 2014. Last weekend, the Ashe County Republican Party and Watauga County Republican Party recently held its annual convention, passing a variety of resolutions that varied from recognizing U.S. Rep. Virginia Foxx to nullifying ObamaCare.

According to the Jefferson Post, these resolutions were passed at the Ashe County Republican Party’s convention held on Saturday, March 22:

  • Nullification of the Affordable Care Act.
  • Oppose illegal immigration and amnesty for illegal residents.
  • Preservation of U.S. sovereignty and economic stability by repealing NAFTA and opposing any pending free trade agreements and partnerships.
  • Withdrawal from the United Nations.
  • Pledge to stand with the Republican National Committee in their “resolution exposing United Nations’ Agenda 21.”
  • Withdraw all N.C. calls for a constitutional convention and oppose any future calls for such conventions.
  • Support local law enforcement and keep them independent.
  • Stand in opposition to Common Core education standards.

Resolutions by the Watauga County Republican Party on Saturday, March 22, include:

  • encouraging legislature to determine whether the Common Core Curriculum is best for the state’s public schools
  • opposing regulation without representation in ETJ
  • appreciating U.S. Rep. Virginia Foxx
  • supporting the ad valorem sales tax distribution the Watauga County Board of Commissioners enacted last year
  • rescinding the North Carolina call for constitutional convention
  • supporting the 2nd amendment of the U.S. Constitution
  • supporting the recent early voting sites passed by Republican majority at Board of Elections
  • supporting the Fair Tax and calling for end of IRS discriminatory actions
  • exposing the tenets and tactics of the ‘Moral Monday’ coalition
  • calling for repeal of ObamaCare in its entirety
  • supporting fiscal responsibility by Republicans on the Watauga County Board of Commissioners
  • appreciating U.S. Armed Forces

Below are Watauga County GOP resolutions in their entirety courtesy of a registered Republican in Watauga – or view them in a pdf format here and here.

2014 GOP Convention Resolutions