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App State Student Announces District 93 Candidacy, Block To Challenge Rep. Jordan

Appalachian State Student, Robert Block, 20, announces his candidacy for North Carolina District 93. Mr. Block has been working diligently with the educators of this great state to craft a new and effective education plan that will raise teacher pay, increase the competency of students, and provide a more productive learning environment.


Additionally, Mr. Block has been working on a plan that would hopefully move North Carolina to be the first 100% clean energy state. Regarding these plans Mr. Block said “We need an Education system as diverse as the American People. One generic process just doesn’t work for everyone. We also need to do what we can to reduce waste and carbon emissions.”

Off to a strong start, Mr. Block has secured 2 key endorsements. One comes from Lew Hendricks, Representative Jordan’s opponent during the 2016 election. The other comes from the “Wounded Warrior Program”. The endorsement comes from Dr. David Godbold, PhD, who wrote “On behalf of the Wounded Warrior Programs, we are proud to endorse your candidacy for the House of Representatives. Your commitment to our Military, Veterans and Wounded Warriors has been impressive.”

On May 8th, Mr. Block will likely be going up against 4 term Incumbent Representative Jonathan Jordan.  When asked about Representative Jordan, Mr. Block responded “He has the large donors, but he doesn’t represent the best interest of his constituents of Watauga and Ashe counties, as our few schools are still losing funding and the percent of those in poverty has remained unchanged for years. He has sat ideally by and secured re-election through the big donors he represents. He has had his chance but it’s time for someone new in the Legislature with fresh ideas.”

Growing up in Fayetteville, North Carolina Mr. Block has seen how hard it is for people to increase their standard of living. “The American Dream has become a figment of many North Carolinians imaginations, while those on top continue to underpay employees and receive bigger tax cuts. Something must change, and we won’t receive any changes if the same people are representing us and passing the same legislation. If I am elected I promise to be a true champion of the people, and I promise it won’t take me more than 4 terms to prove it.” Mr. Block has said.

You can follow the campaign at RobertBlock4Us.com or reach Mr. Block personally at RobertBlock4Us@Gmail.com