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A Day for GOP Incumbents: Foxx Clobbers Motsinger, Soucek Destroys Carter and Jordan Squeaks Through

U.S. Rep. Virginia Foxx

By Jesse Wood

Nov. 7, 2012. Although President Barack Obama won another four years, North Carolina was red through and through on Election Day, which for U.S. Rep. Virginia Foxx, N.C. Sen. Dan Soucek and N.C. Rep. Jonathan Jordan was a day for GOP incumbents.  

While 96 more Wataugans voted for Motsinger over Foxx, the incumbent Foxx obliterated Motsinger throughout District 5 of U.S. House. Foxx had 57.5 percent of the vote and received 200,000 votes – 50,000 more than Motsinger.

Soucek barely beat Carter by 450 votes in Watauga County, however the incumbent Soucek ended up with 17,000 more votes than the Carter, an Ashe County native, to secure two more years in the 45 District of the N.C. Senate.

Just like Motsinger, Cullie Tarleton, candidate for N.C. House District 93, received more votes in Watauga County than Jordan, however Tarleton couldn’t overcome Jordan in the whole district. Jordan, a devout conservative, won the election with 51 percent of the vote, receiving 1,000 more votes than Tarleton amongst 40,000 votes cast. 

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