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Who You Gonna Call for a Retro Ski Weekend at Beech Mountain? The Carolina Ghostbusters of Course!

Feb. 19, 2014. A year ago they came, they saw, they kicked it old school. 

So it was only natural that the Carolina Ghostbusters are making a return trip to the annual Totally 80s Retro Ski Weekend at Beech Mountain. 

CarolinaGBusters-CreditAmyMorrisonThis year’s ski slope time machine weekend takes place Feb. 21 -23 with a litany of 80s-themed activities. The fun includes: live 80s bands Friday and Saturday nights; the $500 Totally Retro Apparel Contest and in inaugural Mile-High Moonwalk Contest. And, of course, appearances by the Carolina Ghostbusters.

The Ghostbusters will serve as celebrity judges at Friday night’s Mile-High Moonwalk Contest, which takes place at 9 p.m. at the Mile High Tavern and awards $150 to the winner. On Saturday afternoon, the Ghostbusters and their Ecto-mobile will be the ski village at Beech Mountain Resort, posing for pictures and making sure nobody gets slimed. 

Then, on Saturday night at the ski lodge, the Ghostbusters will judge the Totally Retro Apparel Contest. The contest takes place during intermission of the concert by The Breakfast Club, America’s favorite 80s tribute band.

Check out a video of last year’s event!


“A year ago, they came, they saw, they kicked it old school. So, we’re quite pleased to have the Carolina Ghostbusters back again this February,” said Amy Morrison of the Beech Mountain Tourism Development Authority.

As always, Reaganomics will be in full effect with 80s themed specials on lodging, meals and ski rentals throughout town.

So dig out those dayglo ski clothes from the New Wave era, wax up those 210s and enjoy a ski slope time machine weekend on Beech Mountain.

For details and lodging specials, visit www.beechmtn.com or call 1-800-468-5506.