What To Learn About 2.9 Magnitude Earthquake Near Blowing Rock? App State Geophysicist Has Answers

Published Wednesday, August 28, 2013 at 9:58 am

Aug. 28, 2013. Want to learn about the M2.9 earthquake that briefly shook parts of Watauga County on Aug. 25?

Dr. Scott Marshall, the resident geophysicist in Appalachian State University’s Department of Geology, has provided answers to a few frequently asked questions on a website (created by Dr. Sarah Carmichael) that explains why earthquakes sometimes occur in the region, why Sunday’s earthquake occurred where it did and why so many people felt what is considered to be a small earthquake.

The website, http://geology.appstate.edu/outreach/ask-geologist/blowing_rock_earthquake, also includes an animation of the seismograms from several of the South Carolina Seismic Network seismometers showing the recorded shaking.

Intensity Map of Aug. 25 earthquake courtesy of U.S.G.S.

Intensity Map of Aug. 25 earthquake courtesy of U.S.G.S.


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