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Watauga County Extends Deadline for Bids To Demolish Old High School; Could it Cost More Than $1 Million?

Story by Jesse Wood

April 27,  2012. The deadline for bids to demolish and remove the old Watauga High School  was extended until 2:00 p.m. on Monday, May 7. The original deadline was today. 

Now, the deadline for the actual demolition of the 237,000-square-foot building is April 15, 2013. The demolition isn’t certain after the bids are placed in the coming months. In the request for proposals, it is stated that the county reserves the right to reject any bids for a variety of reasons, and also states that the project is contingent upon county funding for the project. 

In its appraisal of the old high school last June, Integra Realty Resources valued the property of the old high school at $7.87 million after subtracting $1.2 million for demolition services. 

The ball fields, sports lighting, tennis courts, parking lot, and mobile office trailer behind the school are not part of the demolition. 

In recent months, the abandoned building has become somewhat of a liability. In February, the old high school caught fire two separate times. In one instance, three teenagers were arrested for breaking into the building and setting fire to the old Watauga High School. 

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