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Vegans Meet Up June 5 to Talk About Being Vegan and Trade Recipes at VegBoone Bloomin’ Potluck

May 18, 2012. VegBoone Bloomin’ June Potluck Let’s kick off summer with another amazing VegBoone potluck!

Meet up with your veg friends and meet new ones. Share delicious food and great company! 

The potluck will be held on Thursday, June 7 at the Watauga Public Library, 140 Queen Street in Boone. Arrive between 6 and 6:30 p.m. Please bring a vegan dish (no meat, fish, eggs, dairy, or honey) that would serve six to eight people, your own place setting and a copy of your recipe. Multiple copies to share with others would be appreciated by participants.

We have all been able to add many special recipes to our collections in this way. After eating we will discuss the questions that all vegans get from their omnivore families and friends. (We’ve all been asked, “Where do you get your protein?????” and many others!) Come with your questions and/or answers.

For more info, visit http://www.meetup.com/VegBoone/.