Trespassing Charge for Eustace Conway of Turtle Island Preserve Dismissed For Insufficient Evidence

Published Thursday, May 2, 2013 at 4:29 pm

By Jesse Wood

May 2, 2013. Eustace Conway’s second-degree trespassing charge was dismissed on April 30 for insufficient evident after the case was continued multiple times. Judge Ted McEntire presided over the case. 

Eustace Conway of Turtle Island Preserve - Photo by Jesse Wood

Eustace Conway of Turtle Island Preserve – Photo by Jesse Wood

Conway was arrested in December when Margaret Palms, whose property connects to Conway’s Turtle Island Preserve in Triplett, charged Conway for “unlawfully and willfully” entering Palm’s land.

The day following the arrest, Palms said, “He went and tied our gate shut, so we couldn’t get out and he put posters all over our gates, mailboxes, fences. Then he put big wooden barriers, so we couldn’t get out … He just kind of went nuts.”

The incident came a couple months after Turtle Island Preserve closed to the public after violating building and health inspection codes.

Conway told High Country Magazine earlier this year that Palms had a “personal vendetta” against Conway. 

Neither Palms nor Conway be reached on Thursday. 

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