Train Wreck Earth Ranks Among Top 100 in the 2018 Shelf Unbound Best Indie/Self-Published Book Competition

Published Wednesday, April 18, 2018 at 8:18 am

Dr. Harvard G. Ayers

Award-winning co-authors David Harman and Appalachian State University Professor Emeritus Dr. Harvard G. Ayers announce that their recently published book, Train Wreck Earth, is among the Top 100 best books in the 2018 Shelf Unbound Best Indie/Self-Published Book Competition. Shelf Unbound is an indie book review magazine published by Shelf Media Group. Train Wreck Earth ranks No. 45 in this prestigious competition.

“We are thrilled to receive this honor for our book,” said Ayers. “Not only is the message of the book critical to the health of our planet and all living things but we have been recognized for our writing craft and presentation of the information. Our goal was to explain climate change in an interesting and easy-to-understand format.”

Both Harman and Ayers are climate change activists and experts as well as avid environmentalists who are sounding the alarm about the continued use of fossil fuels in their must read, highly informative novel, that explains the why climate change is affecting the earth and the how to solve it.

David Harman

Their book is set in novel format but filled with scientific information presented in a “classroom” setting and offers the latest research and legislation affecting our climate as well as viewpoints from prominent climate activists and scientists including Dr. Michael Mann, Bill McKibben, Dr. Robert Howarth, Dr. Mark Jacobson, Tim DeChristopher, Dr. George Woodwell, and Danna Smith, JD in an interesting, easily understandable and readable format.

“Until we wrote Train Wreck Earth, no one had presented this complex phenomenon in terms that non-science readers could understand. We found a way to tell this story clearly, explaining the settled (proven) science in the context of a fictional setting with a compelling morality tale which will motivate the reader to pursue to the last page of the last chapter. The reader will then clearly understand why taking action now is urgent,” Harman said.

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About the Authors:

David Harman is an unexpected mix of businessman, environmentalist and self-taught scientific journalist.  Not long after he became a North Carolina CPA, he joined the Sierra Club and became active in the local Blue Ridge Group in Boone, NC.  He has been sounding the alarm about climate change for many years and is co-author with Dr. Harvard Ayers and Landon Pennington of Arctic Gardens—Voices from an Abundant Land, a non-fiction book that details the lives of First Nation peoples living in arctic North America and how climate change is affecting their subsistence lifestyles with differing migration patterns for caribou, different ice freezing and melting cycles, and changes in vegetation. 

Dr. Harvard G. Ayers, a Professor Emeritus of Anthropology at Appalachian State University in Boone, North Carolina, is a social scientist who writes general interest books and journalistic pieces to explain contemporary environmental and social justice issues.  His book credits include serving as Senior Editor of An Appalachian Tragedy: Air Pollution and Tree Death in the Eastern Forests of North America (1998) Sierra Club Books, and as co-author of Arctic Gardens: Voices from an Abundant Land (2010) Arctic Voices. These two scientifically researched volumes illustrate the intersection of modern environmental issues including air pollution and climate change with modern cultures in the Appalachian coal fields, and “climate change ground-zero”  of the Arctic of Alaska and adjacent Canada, the province of Native American and First Nations peoples. Each book presents the science, both physical and social, in easily understandable and readable formats.

For more information and author interviews, please contact publicist Priscilla Goudreau-Santos at 904-371-7751 or via email at [email protected] David and Harvard welcome the opportunity to tell you more about their books, their writing process and themselves.

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