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‘The Last Moderate Muslim’ Author Sam Wazan Will Speak About Middle East Conflict, Culture Dec. 15

Dec. 11, 2012. Dancing Moon Earthway Bookstore will host Sam Wazan, author of The Last Moderate Muslim to give a talk and book signing. Wazan is a Middle East, Arab and Muslim youth and culture expert. The event is scheduled for Saturday, Dec. 15, 2012.

What is new and different about Sam Wazan is that he did not research the Middle East. He outlived its massacres and atrocities as an Arab youth until he emigrated to the U.S., at 25 years old.

Wazan’s message is this: Upholding humanity and civility above all differences neutralizes geopolitical forces fueled by faith-based hostilities. He will unveil an insightful and authentic route map for peace in the Middle East. Learn more at www.samwazan.com. His novel will be available for signing after the talk.

The Last Moderate Muslim responds to the pain, suffering, disability, and premature death caused by the geopolitical and religious violence. Wazan separates perceptions from the reality of the Middle East; therefore, the novel is an expose’ of the culture of Muslims and other faiths, and a rendition of the root causes of the chronic conflicts. The story line and thematic encounters between characters embed the ways and means to inject civility in the region.

Sam Wazan is a Global Trustee at United Religions Initiative, a one-million member worldwide organization, Board Member at Mecklenburg Ministries, Chair of the Programming Committee of the Charlotte Cooperation Circle, a member of the Comparative Religions committee at Temple Beth El, and blogger at Charlotte Viewpoint.