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The Klee and Mike Show at Canyons on Friday Night and Saturday Lunch; No Cover Charge for Pop/Rock Duo

March 29, 2012. Klee & Mike are Klee Liles on guitar and vocals and Michael Robertson on percussion and vocals. The duo, which plays pop, rock and folk will perform at Canyons on Friday and Saturday. Both shows feature No cover. The Friday night show starts at 9:00 p.m., and the Saturday lunch jam takes place at 11:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.

This is a bio from the duo’s websites:

The Klee & Mike Show has been around for longer than you’ve owned that pair of sneakers you really need to throw away but won’t. They (Klee & Michael, not your shoes) met in college and have been seen on stage together on and off ever since.

The duo formed Greenville, NC sometime around 1990, while Klee Liles and Michael Robertson were majoring in music at East Carolina University. They have been playing together ever since, both as their own duo and with other bands – most notably, Ramajay Intercoastal.

Klee Liles lives in Boone, NC, plays guitar and sings, all while rocking one of an impressive collection of patterned short-sleeve shirts. He also plays a mean bass – no, really…one of his basses tried to bite Michael once – but we’ll talk about that another time.

Michael Robertson, who has lived in Nashville, TN for more than twice as long as he’s ever lived anywhere else, collects shiny things and tries to keep you distracted in case Klee forgets the words. He also sings now, too, only not as well as Klee… sometimes even in the same key as the song they’re performing. In addition to The Klee & Mike Show, Michael has played with Ramajay, The Neons (Atlanta), The Calypso Nuts, Mark Johnson (NC/Nashville) and others.

Those who visit The Klee & Mike Show will hear a bunch of tunes they know (and hopefully love), along with some tunes they don’t (and still hopefully love). Occasionally, they may even hear a tune or two that nobody involved either knows or loves, but those are the chances you have to take.

I’m not trying to be your mom or anything, but you should give some serious thought to getting rid of those sneakers. Really.

For more information about the show, click to www.canyonsbr.com or call Canyons at 828-295-7661. For more information about the duo, click to www.kleeandmike.com. To see a list of songs the band plays, click to www.kleeandmike.com/songlist.html.

Want to listen? Here’s a song that the band is known for covering.