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The Engine Roars to Life and Dreams Take Flight with Experimental Aircraft Association’s Young Eagles

May 2, 2012. On Saturday, April 28, members of the Mitchell High School Aviation Club experienced a thrill of a lifetime with a discovery flight at the Avery County, sponsored by the local chapter of the Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA). Justin Hoilman, Mark Young, Isaac Edwards, Martin Frady, Austin Franklin and Zane Greasamar, took turns flying co-pilot with EAA pilots Jim Dorman, Bradley Bormuth and John Keen.

Chaired by Captain Sullenberger and First Officer Skiles nationwide the Young Eagles Program is supported locally by EAA chapter 1271 at the Avery County Airport. Flights are scheduled on a regular bases by local club members for further information call 766-8187 or visit www.youngeagles.org

The Mitchell High School Aviation Club is designed to promote aviation careers and to stay current with general aviation. There is an emphasis on how to apply for college/universities that specialize in flight training. The club takes field trips to airports, museums, college and air shows throughout the school year. The club is sponsored by Mitchell High teacher and sponsor Drew Laningham.