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The Broadcast, Asheville Rock Band, Releases Their First Live Album Sept. 27 at Boone Saloon

Sept. 17, 2012. When asked how much an audience really plays in the experience of a live performance, Caitlin Krisko, lead singer of the Asheville rock band, The Broadcast, believes that there is a symbiotic relationship that drives the band’s dynamic; creating a special experience that doesn’t happen every night. On Thursday, Sept. 27, you can be a part of that experience as The Broadcast releases their first live album at The Boone Saloon in Boone.

A project that started in the fall, the live release was originally built around a local, 4-week residency. Each week, the band created a beautiful canvas of sound and up until one night in Lexington, the band planned on releasing a combination of songs from the project. “The best moments and performances happen when you least expect it,” added Krisko. “There’s an increased amount of pressure when you know the show is being recorded.”

While the residency shows were spectacular, an off the radar show at High Rock Outfitters in Lexington, NC, surprised the band. Krisko says, “These recordings have just as much to do with the audience at this show as it does with the dynamic of the band that night.” Streaming an energy that is desired at every stop on tour, this special night saw the band rocking on all cylinders.

The opening track “Hide Yourself Away” features Krisko in her realm as front woman of the band, grabbing the crowd and taking them on a journey via her sassy, energetic voice. One of the band’s newest singles, “Hide Yourself Away” is a perfect definition of the direction of the band at this time.

Fan favorite, “Voices” makes an appearance midway into the recording. Featuring a spectacular, yet delicate build, the band creates a swirling soundscape to assist Krisko’s dazzling vocal range on the tune. 

The album also contains rare takes on The Talking Head’s “Life During Wartime” and a very special take on The Rolling Stones “Wild Horses.”

Joining the evening’s festivities is Antique Firearms. Highlighted by brothers Braden and Parker Dotson, Antique Firearms showcases a range of styles and sounds that could be most defined by experimental rock. Touring in support of their self-titled album (2011), the group fearlessly mixes up a sonic cocktail that is as potent, as it is smooth.

For more information on The Broadcast, go to http://www.thebroadcastmusic.com.