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The 7th Annual Tater Hill Open Paragliding and Hang Gliding Competition Launches 50-Mile Flights July 29

July 16, 2012. Bubba Goodman, owner of the Tater Mountain site, is putting on the 7th annual Tater Hill Open. The dates are July 29 – August 4.

This time of year offers an opportunity for some great cross country flights for this paragliding and hang gliding competition in the beautiful mountains surrounding Boone. Last year attendees saw 40-and 50-mile Paragliding flights from Tater Hill during the first week in August.

The elevation at Tater is around 5000′ ASL so it offers a unique chance for footlaunch flying on the East Coast. Competition scoring is handicapped so everyone has a chance to win. This year’s focus is on newer and upcoming pilots who want to learn or improve their cross country skills. 

“It looks like we’ll have over 50 pilots this year, with a couple ‘famous’ pilots coming,” Goodman said.

The Tater Hill Open strives to provide the best possible learning environment for newer pilots (P2 and up) looking to improve their skills, and also a chance for experienced pilots to enjoy challenging racing in a gorgeous flying environment.  

Many attendees at all levels log all-time great flights at Tater because of the magical clouds, the spectacular paraglider-friendly convergence, and the beautiful scenery everywhere. P2s report terrific learning experiences flying tasks and rubbing elbows with more experienced pilots. And unlike in most paragliding comps, spectators can watch all the action from the main LZ, since many tasks go back and forth, and up and down the valley.  Everyone has a great time. 

This is not a teaching site. The closest teaching facilities are; Lookout Mountain Flight ParkKitty Hawk Kites and Atlanta Paragliding.

Here’s a local weather site (mouse over Rich Mtn to see wind speed and direction.) Real-time conditions can often be very different from the forecast so most of the time calling Bubba is the best way to check if it’s flyable.

Closest major airports to Boone are Charlotte-CLT, Raleigh-RDU, and Greensboro-GSO. 

Registration Info:
Entry fee is $200 which includes rides to the top, retrieves, a great T-shirt, and the Saturday night Awards Party. Plus you get to hang out with some really great people.

See the Competition Info Link for full Entry requirmements; Min. P2 or H2 with Turbulance and Thermal experience, glider, harness, reserve chute, helmet, GPS, Radio strongly recommended. All equipment subject to Meet and/or Safety Director approval. No Free-Flyers. Everyone needs to Register for the Comp.

Click here for a photo gallery and here for a video.

For more information, visit www.flytaterhill.com or call 828-773-9433.