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Tenured Professor Placed on Leave After Showing a Film About Pornography in Intro Sociology Class at ASU

April 21, 2012. From The Chronicle of Higher Education

A tenured professor of sociology at Appalachian State University has been placed on administrative leave following complaints last month from four students about her “inappropriate speech and conduct in the classroom,” including showing a movie about pornography.

Jammie Price, who has been a professor at Appalachian State for eight years, showed a well-known film called “The Price of Pleasure” in her introductory sociology course. The film, which she got from the university library, criticizes the porn industry and other businesses that make money off it.

According to a letter Ms. Price received last month from Anthony Gene Carey, vice provost for faculty affairs, Ms. Price failed to warn students that the material may be “objectionable or upsetting,” and at least three students complained to administrators that the content was “really inappropriate,” Mr. Carey wrote.

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