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Soil and Water Contests Winners Announced

April 3, 2012. “Wetlands Are Wonderful” was the theme for this year’s soil and water contests.  The students learned how important wetlands are to us and why we should try to protect them.  This program is sponsored by the Watauga Soil and Water Conservation District. We would like to recognize the following students for their participation in this worthwhile project. 

The fourth graders participate in a t-shirt contest while the fifth graders design a poster.  Sixth graders write an essay concerning the topic and seventh and eighth graders deliver speeches.  All these entries are judged and winners receive money and ribbons at the school and county levels.  

These awards were presented to the winners at the Annual Awards Ceremony on March 26, 2012 at 6:00 p.m.  Ribbons and money totaling $930 were presented to the first, second, and third place winners in each category.  Honorable Mention ribbons were also presented.

 T-shirt winners at Cove Creek were Savanna Johnson, first; Grace Oh, second; and Hallie Rose Donadio, third.  Hardin Park’s first place winner was Emma Brown; second place was Sterling Sauls; and third place was Nathalie Zenny.  Lauren Cottom and Jack Trew received Honorable Mentions. At Valle Crucis Timothy Rushin placed first; Dawn Trivette, second; and Mason Hartley, third. 

Winners of the Poster contest at Bethel were Megan Lambert, first; Hannah Guy, second; and Samantha Reese, third. Green Valley Poster winners were Kayla Roark, first; Ashton Howell, second and Jacob Williams, third place.  Luke Drummonds placed first at Valle Crucis; Noah Pearson, second; and Makenzie Kent, third.

Blowing Rock’s first place winner in the Essay Contest was Sam Riddle, second place was Lucy Gray and third place was Maya Cook.  Essay winners from Green Valley were Crystal Cornett, first place; Jonathan McClannon, second; and Damon Moretz, third.

7th grade Speech winners at Cove Creek were Steven Vaughan, first; Lilly Harding, second; and Jacob Hicks and Dustin Hicks, tying for third.  

8th grade Speech winners at Cove Creek were Kelly Green, first; Karisa Shook, second; and Ethan Rogers, third. 

The first place school winners competed at the county level.  First place county winner for the T-shirt contest was Savanna Johnson, Cove Creek; second place was Timothy Rushin from Valle Crucis; and third place was Emma Brown from Hardin Park. 

County winners in the Poster Contest were Luke Drummonds, first place from Valle Crucis; Kayla Roark from Green Valley, second; and Megan Lambert, third place from Bethel. 

Essay winners in the county were Crystal Cornett, Green Valley, first; Sam Riddle, Blowing Rock, second.

7th grade Speech winner was Steven Vaughan from Cove Creek.

8th grade Speech winner was Kelly Glenn from Cove Creek.

The first place winners from the county competed at the Area level against twelve other counties.  Savanna Johnson received an Honorable Mention in the 4th Grade Poster contest with her T-shirt. Luke Drummonds from Valle Crucis also received Honorable Mention for his poster at the Area Competition.  Crystal Cornett place third in the Area Essay contest. Steven Vaughan and Kelly Glenn from Cove Creek received Honorable Mention Certificates in the 7th and 8th grade Speech competition, respectively.

We would like to recognize and applaud these students and all the others that participated in our contests for a job well done!  Thanks to all of you who had a part in making this program possible.  We feel it is very important to help educate the students of today because they are the decision-makers of tomorrow.  Protecting our natural resources for the future is important to all of us. 

This program is made possible through funds received from Watauga County and the continued support of our Watauga Soil and Water Conservation District Board of Supervisors.  A big thank you to Jennifer Storie, Becky Wallace and Diane Deal for their help with the Award’s Banquet and all the others who helped serve and clean up afterward.