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Second Graders Enter “Every Drop Counts” Water-Saving Poster Contest, Lily Brown Wins New Pink Bike

May 17, 2012. The Town’s of Boone’s Water Conservation Program recently wrapped up the second grade, 7th annual “Every Drop Counts” Poster Contest that was in honor of National Drinking Water Week, May 6-12. Tuesday the winners received their awards at the Boone Town Council meeting.

The contest was for the second graders at Hardin Park and Two Rivers Elementary. This year they had 100 percent participation from all classes. Each class will get a field trip to the Water Treatment Plant as well as a Pizza Party Picnic to celebrate their hard work.

The 2012 winners are:

1st Place- Lily Brown (Mrs. Krause Hardin Park) won a new bike and received $75 in cash

2nd Place- Makayla Barnes (Mrs. Shaw Hardin Park) won a $40 gift card and received $50 in cash

3rd Place- Katimac Greene (Mrs. Shaw Hardin Park) won a $20 gift card as well as $25 in cash

Honorable Mention- Kazia Orkiszewski (Mrs. Halle Two Rivers) won a water conservation kit

Honorable Mention- Grace Presnell (Mrs. Krause Hardin Park) won a water conservation kit

For more info, contact Lane S. Weiss, Program Coordinator of the Water Conservation Program, at (828) 268-6250 or lane.weiss@townofboone.net.