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Moy Receives Paxton Prize for Presentation on “The Thirty Years’ Class War: How the Rich Have Won”

May 18, 2012. The High Country Torch Club, an affiliate of Torch Club International, is pleased to announce that Dr. Roland Moy has been awarded the Paxton Prize. The Paxton Prize honors excellence in paper presentations made to the local chapter.

Moy’s presentation, “The Thirty Years’ Class War: How the Rich Have Won,” was delivered to the local chapter in 2011. 

Every May since the local chapter’s inception, Moy has led a stimulating discussion on the economy to the delight and interest of his audience. We are all very pleased that the international organization has recognized his expertise.

Dr. Roland Moy is a retired professor of ASU’s Political Science department. Many may recognize him from his singing with his barbershop quartet. He is currently treasurer of the local chapter, an office he has held since the local chapter began in 2009.

Torch is an international association, providing a forum for civil conversation and the sharing of knowledge and opinions across broad lines of professional development – a beneficial venue in these days of narrow, noisy specialization. 

The local chapter meets form April to November, the second Monday of the month at Golden Corral for dutch-treat lunch. We invite you to join us. For information about the club, call 828-264-4275.