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Recess Requests Permit for Skateboard Ramp

By Ben Wofford

July 10, 2012. Recess Skate & Snow owner, John-Paul Pardy, will speak to the Boone Board of Adjustment Thursday, July 12 to discuss aramp_photo special use permit for a skateboard ramp.

According to the town’s Unified Development ordinance, all accessory buildings must be seven feet from the lot boundary line. Pardy is requesting a one-foot-six-inch variance for the ramp.

“The ramp is close to the property line due to available space and the area needed for it to function properly,” Pardy said in an outline to the Board. “We have consulted with our neighbors (Comfort Suites) who have expressed no concerns or issues over the 1.5 foot variance we are requesting. They have provided us with a signed letter attesting to that fact.”

Recess provided a packet of information to the Board with signed letters from their landlord, Comfort Suites, Discount Cellular Accessories, as well as photographs, ramp plans and proof of liability insurance.

The original hearing was scheduled for July 5 but the board rescheduled Recess and two other cases to Thursday, July 12 at 5:30 p.m. due to the length of a preceding hearing.

Boone’s skatepark existed from 2006 to 2009 in the Watauga Recreation complex located off of State Farm Road. The Watauga County Commissioners voted to close the park in 2009 due to safety and budget concerns.

The facility was moved and currently exists at the Ashe County Park complex in West Jefferson.

“Currently in the town of Boone, these skateboard enthusiasts have no safe venue to go and enjoy the sport,” Pardy said in a letter. “We wanted to build a small ramp where our customers and the skateboarding community can come and practice the sport in a safe environment.”