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RaysWeather: Don’t ‘FYBO’ During Fourth of July Fireworks, Beech Mtn To See Temps Dip To 45 Degrees

By Jesse Wood

imgresJuly 3, 2014. You might want to throw some extra clothes in the car because it’s going to be a tad bit chilly when the Fourth of July fireworks go off on Friday night.

What will be an otherwise five-golf-ball day – or “glorious, cooler, dry weather,” RaysWeather.com forecasts a low of 49 on Friday night in Boone. Beech Mountain residents and visitors will see temperatures dip to 45 degrees.

“Flatlanders will be amazed at how cool it is. Enjoy a glorious Fourth and Fifth of July,” RaysWeather.com states in its forecast discussion. “Holiday campers will need a jacket or risk a FYBO Friday night (by summer standards)–it’s that big a change.”

(A quick Google search found that FYBO means “Freeze Your Butt Off.”)

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