RaysWeather.com Releases ‘Bullish’ Fearless Forecast for 2015-16 Winter in High Country

Published Monday, October 12, 2015 at 12:38 pm

By Jesse Wood

RaysWeather.com has released its “fearless forecast” for the winter of 2015-16, and the weather outlet believes it will satisfy the “snow hounds” in the media – or at least those looking for lots of powder on the slopes to shred.

RaysWeather Snow ForecastNot one prone to hyperbole, RaysWeather.com notes, “This one is as bullish a forecast as we will ever make. Here you go, snow hounds!”

The fearless forecast is calling for 33 percent greater snow than the 56-year average for the High Country and temperatures averaging 1 to 2 degrees below the long-term average.

“This forecast would place the Southern Appalachians in the top 20% of seasonal snowfall totals,” the report says.

RaysWeather.com forecasts 67 inches of snow in Banner Elk; 54 inches in Boone; 110 inches in Beech Mountain; 35 inches in West Jefferson/Jefferson; and 105 inches atop Sugar Mountain. See all the totals in attached chart.

To produce this report, RaysWeather.com owner Ray Russell analyzed El Nino Southern Oscillation (ENSO) – as well as 10-year average snow trends in Boone, the North Atlantic Oscillation Wildcard and Arctic ice cover. (Note that woolly worm segments and beans in jars aren’t analyzed.) His primary takeaways from the analysis of the ENSO forecast for this coming winter are:

  • We have high confidence for a wet winter because of the storm track across the Pacific into the Gulf and up the East Coast.
  • We expect a much snowier-than-average winter in the Southern Appalachians, particularly at higher elevations. The effect may not be as great for the Foothills.
  • Icing may be an increased threat this winter.

Read the entire report here: http://www.booneweather.com/public/FearlessForecast.pdf.



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