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Possible Scam Alert: End Zone Athletics

WCSAug. 21, 2013. A company called End Zone Athletics has been soliciting local businesses saying they are securing sponsors for Hardin Park School.  There is no relationship whatsoever between this company and the school and these solicitations appear to be a scam. 
Anytime a business has questions about the legitimacy of a solicitation for a local school, we encourage them to ask the solicitor for a school contact who can confirm whether the effort is legitimate, or to call the school office.  If they are being solicited for the school system as a whole by any entity other than the Watauga Education Foundation, they are welcome to contact Public Information Director Marshall Ashcraft at 828 264-7190 to determine if it is a legitimate activity. 
An alert about this particular scam has also been provided to the Boone Area Chamber of Commerce and the Blowing Rock Chamber of Commerce.