Ninth Annual S.N.I.P.S. of Watauga Humane Society’s Spring Plant Sale set for Saturday, May 12

Published Monday, April 30, 2018 at 9:32 am

Poets have long celebrated and expressed their delight in the arrival of Spring. Christina Rossetti claims that “There is no time like Spring, When Life’s alive in everything…” and Robert Frost reminds us that “Nature’s first green is gold…” The Watauga Humane Society S.N.I.P.S. committee (supporting low cost spay/neuter) agrees that there is no time like Spring when the greening of the earth is truly a golden moment. To celebrate this special season, S.N.I.P.S. will hold its 9th Annual Spring Plant Sale on Saturday, May 12, from 8:00 AM-12:00 PM, in the parking lot of Precision Printing Company, 1302 Blowing Rock Road, in Boone. Additional parking is available at the Speedway station next door.

 Featured this year, from the well-established gardens of S.N.I.P.S committee members:

Annuals from seed: catnip (hanging baskets), cosmos (Bright Lights, Dancing Petticoats, Radiance, Pinkie, Sensation Mix, Purity, Dazzler) marigolds (pots and hanging basket), nasturtiums (Cherry Rose, Jewel Mix), morning glories (Heavenly Blue, Picotee Blue, Flying Saucer, Scarlett O’Hara), moonflower, sweet alyssum. Flowering and fruit-bearing shrubs: black and red raspberries, lilacs (white and purple), holly, mock orange, mountain laurel, tea roses, Rose of Sharon, weeping cherry. Herbs: chives, cilantro, lavender, oregano, mint, thyme. House plants: aloe, begonias, succulents (tiny, decorative), spider plants, Ti plant. Ground covers: bluets, mosses (cushion, fern, rock cap), pachysandra, saxifrage (white), vinca, wintergreen. Perennials: bee balm, columbine, coneflower (purple), crocosmia, ferns, hollyhock, lamium (yellow), lily of the valley, liriope, loosestrife, lupine, tall phlox, Sweet Woodruff, pachysandra, penstemon beard tongue (Husker’s Red), rose campion, Queen Anne’s lace, soapwort (Bouncing Betty), Stella d’Orso lilies, swamp iris (yellow) tall phlox, Virginia Bells, wild sunflowers, wood poppy. Spring Ephemerals:  bloodroot, cutleaf toothwort, dwarf iris (purple), galax, maidenhair ferns, old-fashioned roses, wild columbine, wood anemone (white), wood violet (yellow). Trees: young white pines. Patio and garden:  Adirondack chair and table set, (green, weather proof stain), bird seed ornaments and wreaths, pet feeding stations, pine cone flower bouquets for Mother’s day, stepping stones, trellises.

From funds raised through craft and plant sales, restaurant benefits, and special events of all kinds, S.N.I.P.S. confronts the root cause of animal overpopulation and homelessness, thus lowering intakes and euthanasias at local shelters. Last year, through S.N.I.P.S. programs, 496 animals in the High Country community were altered at a cost to their owners of only $10, which included a rabies shot. Don’t miss this opportunity to help S.N.I.P.S. win the battle against suffering, neglect and abandonment, so that the animal kingdom is peaceable, the animal shelters are empty, and every pet is a wanted pet.

For more information about low-cost spay neuter for your pet, call Watauga Humane Society at 828-264-7865 and ask for the “S.N.I.P.S. $10 Special,” which is ongoing while funds last. Beginning in February, male cats are being neutered locally, through a pilot program established by S.N.I.P.S. with local veterinarians.

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