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N.C. Energy Efficiency Alliance Partnership, Including ASU, Receives ENERGY STAR Award for Excellence

March 22, 2012. BOONE — The N.C. Energy Efficiency Alliance, a partnership between Appalachian State University and three other agencies, has received an Energy Star Award for Excellence in ENERGY STAR Promotion. The award was presented by the U.S. Environmental Agency.

The award recognizes the energy alliance for its outstanding contributions to reducing greenhouse gas emissions by sponsoring significant consumer education efforts promoting energy-efficient homes. Other alliance partners are the N.C. Solar Center, Advanced Energy and Southern Energy Management.

The Excellence in ENERGY STAR Promotion Award is given to a variety of organizations in recognition of their efforts to improve energy efficiency and reduce pollution, resulting in significant costs savings. Award winners are selected from about 20,000 organizations that participate in the ENERGY STAR program.

“The N.C. Energy Efficiency Alliance’s partnership with ENERGY STAR is an important way for us to serve both consumers and industry professionals, showing them how energy-efficient ENERGY STAR homes offer a high level of comfort, durability and money savings, in addition to protecting the environment,” said Chuck Perry, program manager for the alliance. “We are committed to continuing this important partnership to promote energy efficient construction, both in North Carolina and across the country.”

The N.C. Energy Efficiency Alliance is a grant-funded organization chartered in 2010 with ARRA funding administered through the N.C. Energy Office. The alliance’s mission is to expand energy efficiency in the construction industry through consumer education and industry collaboration across the region. More information is available at www.ncenergystar.org.