Mountain Mixers Invites the Community and Visitors to Learn Western Square Dance and Cued Ballroom Dancing

Published Friday, May 18, 2012 at 1:47 pm

May 18, 2012. Mountain Mixers invites experienced area and visiting dancers to join the Mountain Mixers for Western Square & Round Dancing. Dancing from Mainstream to Advance levels feature national and international callers and national round dance cures Don and Linda Hichman.

Dances are held at the Recreation Hall, Land Harbor Parkway off 181/221 in Linville, NC. GPS address is 20 Land Harbor Plaza, Newland. Check for times, callers, current schedule and dance levels. For complete information on dances, classes, and workshops, go to

Classes for Square and Round Dance:

Learn Western Square Dance

Linville Land Harbor Mountain Mixers invites the community and visitors to learn square dance, dance to popular and traditional tunes and to be taught by a live caller.

When: Mon and Wed. 4-6 p.m. Starts June 11 or  Thurs. 7-9 Starts June 14. Casual attire.

Where: Linville Land Harbor Recreation Center.

GPS address: 20 Land Harbor Plaza, Newland, NC or call 828-260-5665

Dance “Ballroom with a Difference”

Linville Land Harbor Mountain Mixers invites you to learn to dance and/or improve your dancing style with choreographed and cued ballroom (round) dancing. Learn Waltz, 2 Step, Cha Cha, Rumba, Fox Trot and More!!

When: Sundays at 6:30 p.m.

Begins with a Free Open House June 3rd at 6:30

Linville Land Harbor Recreation Hall, casual attire.

GPS Address: 20 Land Harbor Plaza, Newland, NC or call 828-737-9523

Events for May 18-27

Friday, May 18

Linville Mountain Mixers:Western Square Dancing. 7:30-9:30 pm. Level Mainstream & Plus. Casual or Square Dance attire. Caller Ron Libby of Land Harbor. At Land Harbor Recreation Hall, 20 Land Harbor Plaza, Newland, NC (GPS). for details. Visitors Welcome.

Sunday, May 20

Linville Mountain Mixers: Western Square Dancing. 1:30-2:00 A2 level. 2:00-4:30 Plus with round dancing. Square Dance, Western, or Smart Casual attire. Caller: Ron Libby. 

Monday, May 21

Linville Mountain Mixers: Western Square Dancing at A2 level. 7-9 PM. Caller: Ron Libby. Casual attire.

Friday, May 25

Linville Mountain Mixers:Western Square Dancing. 7:30-9:30 pm. Level Mainstream & Plus. Casual or Square Dance attire. Caller Ron Libby of Land Harbor. 

Sunday, May 27

Linville Mountain Mixers: Western Square Dancing. 1:30-2:00 A2 level. 2:00-4:30 Plus with round dancing. Square Dance, Western, or Smart Casual attire. Caller: Randy Page of Charlotte.

About the Linville Land Harbor Mountain Mixers and their Summer Program

“The Best Summer Square &Round Dance Program in the USA” started around 1980 to provide entertainment for experienced dancers and to entice new residents to Land Harbor. The Mountain Mixers continue to invite square and round dancers from near and far to enjoy dancing with them. Some visitors to Land Harbor spend a weekend, a month, a summer or a lifetime to enjoy the “Best Summer Square & Round Dance Program in the USA.” as well as all the pleasures of the High Country. Most just come to for a day or two of dancing to some of the best regional and national callers in the world of Western Square Dancing.

Some of these dances also include what is called “round dancing” by square dancers. It is choreographed ballroom dance, each of which is “cued,” so that the dancers do not have to memorize the sequence of dance steps and maneuvers.

Jim Perry of Linville Area Mountain Properties first instigated Sunday afternoon square dancing at Land Harbor to attract RV square dancers to Land Harbor. Square dancing at LH was on a roll as Jim persuaded caller Lee Horning to move to Land Harbor to start a club. Lee himself recruited dancers Jane & Dick Heim to move to LH from a similar community in the West. This team of Perry, Horning, and Heim put together the perfect combination of a great place to visit and/or live; well-known callers, and a welcoming community. 

Those talented callers quickly became known to Land Harbor dancers and their dancing visitors. They were magnets for already experienced square dancers who rented or bought lots in Land Harbor. When the LLHMM was chartered in 1981, some 40 + experienced square dance couples became charter members. The club had already had its 1st class of new dancers in 1980, and by the time it added a Friday night club dance, it was an active club which quickly grew to 140 resident members.

Later club leaders decided it would be a good idea to feature visiting callers on Friday night as well. With Friday’s regional callers from NC, SC, VA, TN, and FL joining ranks with Sunday’s national callers, the program continued to draw new residents to Land Harbor and visitors to dance, especially on Sunday.

The Mountain Mixers have developed one of the most unique programs in the country. Attracted to the mountains and golf and square dance programs, Ron Libby, a renowned caller from Florida became a homeowner in 2010. With Ron joining fellow national caller Jerry Biggerstaff of Marion, who has been a part of the program since its beginning, Mountain Mixers now has two National callers on its staff. In 2011 Don & Linda Hichman, National round dance cuers & teachers from Gastonia, came on board to build the round dance program to match the quality of the square dancing. They now already have a following of round dancers.

Along with the Sunday dance that features top-level square and round dancing that attracts professional callers from all over the country. Square dancers can literally dance almost every day of the week while visiting the High Country. Every week brings dancers from the Asheville-Hendersonville-Waynesville area, Charlotte-Metrolina, the Triad, East Tennessee, and travelers from New England to Florida.

Club members continue to make a concerted effort to reach out to permanent and seasonal residents of the High Country and nearby, as well as to those traveling through our area.

In recent years, Mountain Mixers has greatly expanded its efforts to inform square dancers all over the country about the attributes of the High Country and Land Harbor.

The Mountain Mixers maintain a club website with links to Land Harbor’s and High Country sites, real estate, lodging and RV/camping information as well as links to national and regional square dance sites.

Click on, come see what we do and join a class!

If you already know how to do Western Square dancing and/or round dancing, come on to the dances! Dances and classes are very inexpensive and are always alcohol-free. They are a lot of fun and great exercise in a very wholesome, friendly environment. See you there!





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