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MechaGodzilla could also be accompanied by Ghidorah’s technological counterpart

The spectacular Godzilla vs. Kong saw the giant lizard flare up all his fury at the Gorilla King. Muscular, action-packed images that have aroused the curiosity of Kaiju fans. However, the trailer for the film directed by Adam Wingard does not seem to have given us all the secrets of its adaptation. So much so that several theories would like the real villain of the feature film to be the robotic version of Godzilla . If the presence of this legendary monster has already been confirmed by several leaks, MechaGodzilla could also be accompanied by Ghidorah’s technological counterpart.

At the end of Godzilla 2: King of the Monsters , Alan Jonah had recovered the head of the creature. However, a theory relayed by Bounding into Comics recently suggested that the eco-terrorist of the MonsterVerse could finally be absent from Godzilla vs. Kong . The reason in question? His assassination by Monarch, the cybernetic company having sought to acquire by force the head of Ghidorah in order to study it and make a robotic version of it. In addition, many speculations around the film have also teased the future alliance of Kaiju and the King of Skull Island. Indeed, it would not be surprising that the Titans collaborate in order to defend humanity against several technological monsters. //tocaboca.com/magazine/monsterverse-godzilla-vs-kong-2021-videos

Described as the great rival of Monarch, Apex could therefore be at the origin of these terrifying inventions. While Godzilla will most certainly succeed in freeing itself from Apex’s influence, the opposition of these two companies could subsequently reverberate through the clash between the original Titans and their robotic counterparts.. If it is not yet known whether Kong will also be entitled to his own metallic double, it would in any case not be surprising that the film of Adam Wingard takes this direction there, given the themes addressed throughout the trilogy. After the ecological impact, the franchise could take for central subject the technological drift and the dangers that this represents for humanity. What perhaps offer a blockbuster with an interesting underlying message, to be discovered soon in French cinemas.