Local, State GOP Mum on Nominees To Replace Eggers on Watauga Board of Elections

Published Tuesday, January 12, 2016 at 12:22 pm

By Jesse Wood

The State Board of Elections hopes to receive the nominations to replace former chair of the Watauga County Board of Elections, Luke Eggers, before Friday’s State Board of Elections’ meeting, according to SBOE spokesman Joshua Lawson.

Eggers resigned before candidate filing for the 2016 elections began late last year because his aunt, Rebecca Eggers-Gryder, is running for a seat as judge in the 24th judicial district.

Lawson said that State Board of Elections planned appointment a new member for Watauga County Board of Elections on Friday – if it receives the two-required nominations in time.

“They have not. We hope that they will get that to us in time for consideration at Friday’s meeting,” Lawson said. “We do have another appointment in another county and do have everything for that, but we don’t have nominations from the Republican Party [for] Watauga.”

Watauga County GOP Chair Anne-Marie Yates said that Watauga County GOP has submitted two names for consideration to the N.C. GOP, which then formally submits the names to the State Board of Elections.

Yates said she wasn’t ready to announce the nominees until “confirmation from the state.”

Kara Carter, spokesperson for the state GOP, didn’t immediately respond to requests for comment on Tuesday afternoon.

Watauga County Board of Elections Executive Director Matt Snyder said, “you would have to ask Anne-Marie Yates” when asked what nominations were being submitted to the state board.

“They are meeting on Friday,” Snyder said. “…We hope that all the paperwork is there for the state to go ahead and vote on our board member.”



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