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Local Guardian ad Litem Program Seeks Volunteers

Oct. 29, 2012. Perhaps no issue is as disturbing as that of child abuse or neglect. It occurs across all socio-economic levels and within each community, even here in the High Country. Many times, the Department of Social Services has to intervene and petition the court to advocate for the best interest of the children.

The Guardian ad Litem program recruits and trains volunteers to advocate for these children as they go through the court process. Each GAL volunteer has the judge’s authority to interview all parties involved in the case and provide recommendations to the court until a successful permanent plan can be reached for each child. You are the “voice for the child” to the courts.

GAL volunteers come from all walks of life. Many are retired and looking for a challenging endeavor, while others are employed but have a passion for children in difficult circumstances. The training takes approximately 30 hours and each volunteer works under the guidance of the professional program staff.

Search your heart and consider becoming a GAL volunteer by contacting Valerie Daniels at 828-737-6721 or email her at Valerie.R.Daniels@nccourts.org.