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Landscape Paintings at Carlton Gallery for 30th Annual Spring Exhibition; Includes Helen Farson, Freeman Beard, Sharon Rusch Shaver and Kevin Beck

"Waterfall" by Freeman Beard.

June 4, 2012. Carlton Gallery continues its 30th Spring Exhibition showcasing the art of the local, regional and national artists who work in oil, acrylic, mixed media and watercolor; as well as glass, wood, clay, fiber and fine jewelry.

Landscape paintings are found at Carlton Gallery in impressionistic and realistic styles for the gallery’s 30 Spring Exhibition which runs through June 30. Artists Helen Farson, Freeman Beard, Sharon Rusch Shaver and Kevin Beck capture the beauty and diversity found in the landscape.

North Carolina artist, Helen Farson, renders oil paintings in her distinct, colorful impressionistic style. She is inspired by her lovely Gloriosa Garden and travels to Provence and Tuscany; therefore capturing in oils on canvas landscapes of beautiful gardens, intriguing interiors, artful architecture and still life with Old World charm, clear colors and lyrical brushwork.  Farson states “I believe Art is visual poetry that comes from deep within making life rich, beautiful and powerful. I feel honored to be an artist”.

Water colorist, Freeman Beard, grew up in the foothills of the North Carolina Mountains and studied at the Ringling School of Art and Design in Sarasota, FL. This experience fostered a love of the mountains and the coast which is expressed in his beautifully rendered watercolor landscapes.

Beard’s painting style is realistic impressionism painted using the traditional technique of transparent watercolors, allowing the paper to be the whitest white. His watercolors project the color, mood or truth of the subject matter. He brilliantly captures the subtlety of mist hanging on a mountainside or the explosion of roaring water hitting a rock formation in a mountain stream.

Plein air artist, Sharon Rusch Shaver, interprets the landscape in her unique perspective with subtle undertones. She has developed her own style by a particular means of communicating what she sees in the landscape while painting plein air.

Shaver grew up on Grand Island, New York with parents who painted in oils, though not professionally, so they were encouraging and supportive when informed of Shaver’s drawing talent. The opportunity to travel the United States and Europe visiting art galleries inspired her to pursue a painting career.

 Shaver is an award winning artist with 15 major juried, 27 solo gallery shows, 6 public commissions and 12 published articles with accompanying images. She was commissioned to do a painting for the White House in Washington, DC which is a part of its permanent collection. 

Local plein air painter, Kevin Beck, is known for the vibrancy and resonance of his palette. His landscape paintings whether in oil or pastel express his feel for nature and viewers admire the depth and translucence of his work.

Most of Beck’s work is painted on location, and he is a keen observer of happenings in the landscape, such as how trees are sculpted by the wind or shadows are cast by the light. Beck’s says, “I have honed my craft and developed my “eye” by painting thousands of works on hundreds of yards of canvas and paper over years of dedicated work. My journey of seeing and learning continues with each painting”.   

Everyone is welcome to visit Carlton Gallery during the 30th Spring Exhibition which continues through June 30 to view the outstanding collection of art in all mediums, as well as the diverse landscapes of Helen Farson, Freeman Beard, Sharon Rusch Shaver and Kevin Beck. Also the “Return to the Mountain” exhibition by Michael Grady continues through June 17.

The gallery is located 10 miles south of Boone and seven miles north of Linville on NC 105 in the Grandfather Mountain community. For more information on artists, exhibitions or workshops, call (828) 963-4288 or visit www.carltonartgallery.com.