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Katar Hol, an alien peace officer from the earth Thanagar

Hawkman’s comic book history may be a difficult one, subject to reboots, retcons, and alternate earths, alien planets, and continuity issues. The character created by Gardner Fox ANd Dennis Neville began merely enough as an archaeologist, Carter Hall, who was the reincarnation of Egyptian blue blood Khufu. however Hall was later rebooted by Fox and Joe Kubert as Katar Hol, an alien peace officer from the earth Thanagar. resultant publication changes, the introduction of Hawkgirl and Hawkwoman, and Crisis on Infinite Earths created larger confusion regarding the character’s history and place in DC Comics. For decades, comic creators have sought-after to change Hawkman’s mythology whereas making an attempt to form sense of the continuity changes. Recently, author Henry M. Robert Venditti managed to require all of the varied components of the character and his varied lives ANd synthesize them into one executable mythology targeted on construct} that Khufu wasn’t merely reincarnated on DC’s Earth Prime, however across the multiverse as well. And it’s Venditti’s comic series, that began in 2018, spinning out of Dark Knights: Metal, that looks like the proper basis for a production set within the DCEU.