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JB Lawrence Defeats Charlie Sellers, To Begin 10th Straight Term as Blowing Rock’s Mayor

By Jesse Wood


The village people spoke, and J.B. Lawrence will soon begin his 10th term as the mayor of Blowing Rock.

According to the unofficial elections results, Lawrence won 62 percent of the vote with 277 votes, while challenger Charlie Sellers, owner of The Blowing Rock attraction and a member of the Robbins family, garnered 38 percent of the vote with 171 votes.

“Well, I continue to be humbled by the constituents’ faith and trust in me, and that’s the way I always feel and I’ll continue to feel that way,” Lawrence said. “I look forward to serving another term.”

Lawrence noted the gateway project and development of U.S. 321 after the widening project is completed, for just two examples, as priorities he’s looking forward to accomplishing during the next two years.

Reached for comment on Wednesday morning, Sellers said, “It is what it is.”

“I feel like the town has chosen to continue on its current path and I hope the issues I brought to the table will be addressed because they were in the best interest of the town,” said Sellers, who is owner of The Blowing Rock attraction.

“I’ll do what I do best and that’s business,” Sellers laughed.

Blowing Rock Mayoral Race

  • JB Lawrence (I) – 277 votes (62 percent)
  • Charlie Sellers – 171 votes (38 percent)

In the Blowing Rock Town Council race, incumbent Dan Phillips lost to former Councilman Jim Steele and current commissioner on the board, Councilman Albert Yount. The three were running for two seats on the Blowing Rock Town Council.

In 2013, Steele decided not to run for re-election, but after a two-year break, he’ll be back on the board. Both Steele and Yount earned four-year terms on the council.

Blowing Rock Town Council Race

  • Albert Yount (I) – 328 votes (42 percent)
  • Jim Steele – 250 votes (32 percent)
  • Dan Phillips (I) – 193 votes (25 percent)
  • Write-ins – 9 votes (1 percent)