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Indianer Presents Latest Novel, International Thriller, ‘The H Factor’ Aug. 21 at Lees-McRae Evans Auditorium

Aug. 13, 2012. Dr. Len Indianer will present a lecture on his latest novel, The H Factor, Tuesday, Aug. 21 at 7 p.m. in Evans Auditorium in the Cannon Student Center on the campus of Lees-McRae College.

An international thriller, The H Factor tells the story of a freakish natural disaster that depletes more than half of the oil supply of the United States. OPEC hikes the price of oil, threatening the economic survival of the U. S. economy. A new American President, R. Gary West, Jr., faces deadly foreign and domestic terrorist attacks as he struggles to save a nation on the verge of collapse.

Marc Garrett and Gerri Miller meet in the first semester of their freshman year at Georgia Tech. Both major in Chemical and Bio-molecular Engineering. They become romantically involved by the second semester and partner for a three-year undergraduate thesis. Their ambitious project involves the design of the “H Factor,” a device which will separate hydrogen from water, convert it into energy, and could eliminate the need for fossil fuels. Their goals are three-fold—improve the environment and reduce global warming, eliminate the United States and its ally’s dependence on foreign oil, and stop the revenues that the oil produces to fund terrorism around the world.          

When the H Factor passes its tests on the proving grounds of Universal Motors, Marc and Gerri face unforeseen dangers. Desperate to obtain the technology and unable to block production of the new hydrogen converter, Iranian government officials set in motion plans to forcibly seize it and its inventors. The Israeli Mossad gets wind of this and passes it on to the CIA, who in turn alerts Gerri and Marc. Faced with a deadly confrontation in the midst of global turmoil, the students are determined to survive. Their actions and decisions drive rapidly to a startling conclusion.

Author of The H Factor and the successful novel A Bridge to Elne: Novel of a French Family’s Struggle against the Nazi Occupation, Indianer grew up in Miami Beach, Florida. He attended the University of Alabama and Southern College of Optometry. Before opening his practice in Daytona Beach, Florida, he served as an Air Force Bio-Medical Service Officer for three years. 

A long time lecturer on eye-related subjects, he has also lectured on International Terrorism for the past 20 years. He has written two plays, ƩAMMY and A BRIDGE TO ELNE, on which his first novel is based. He and his wife have two daughters and four grandchildren.

Find out more at www.LEIndianer.com.