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House Reports Favorably on Bill To Strip Boone’s ETJ Powers, To Be Placed on Calendar at Soon Date

By Jesse Wood

June 26, 2012. The Committee on Rules, Calendar and Operations of the House of Representatives reported favorably on S949, a bill that would strip Boone’s ETJ (extra-territorial jurisdiction) powers on Monday evening.

The bill has now been placed on the House calendar pursuant to rule 36(b), according to the bill page on the North Carolina General Assembly’s website.

Other news outlets reported, along with a 10-9 favorable vote, that this rule requires a fiscal analysis in the next two days, however, after checking House rules and speaking with a legislative librarian at the North Carolina Legislative Library in Raleigh that is not the case.

“[Rule 36(b)] is simply a calendaring mechanism to speed up the calendar of the bill,” said the legislative librarian, who preferred to remain anonymous. “It’s basically a way to get it calendared early – a day earlier than otherwise.”

The Chair of the Standing Committee on Rules, Calendar, and Operations designates when the bill we be placed on the calendar. As of press time, that date has not been decided. 

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