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Hottest Temperature Recorded on Grandfather’s Mile High Swinging Bridge; Daily Records Broken Locally

Among Daily Heat Records Broken, Grandfather Breaks All-Time Temperature Record on the Mile High Swinging Bridge

By Jesse Wood

July 2, 2012. Along with the daily heat records that were reported in weather stations in the High Country throughout the weekend, Grandfather Mountain recorded its hottest temperature in history on Saturday with a temperature of 84 degrees at the Mile High Swinging Bridge, according to the Associated Press

The old record on the swinging bridge was 83 degrees, which happened twice – once on August 22, 1983, and again on July 26, 2005.

According to Eric Anderson of Ray’s Weather, numerous daily heat records were reported by weather stations across the High Country.

In particular, Boone broke its July 1 daily heat record on Sunday with 90 degrees, reported at the Watauga County Hospital Heliport station, according to the National Weather Service. The previous daily record in Boone was 85 degrees in 2005, according to www.weather.com, an affiliate of The Weather Channel.