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High Country Recreation Advocates for the High Country’s Sustainable and Healthy Community

June 20, 2012. High Country Recreation is a newly-formed nonprofit based in the High Country of North Carolina. Their mission is to make the High Country a sustainable and healthy community by providing the comprehensive information source about recreation, and advocating for improved recreation opportunities. They believe that having a community with safe and healthy recreational opportunities for individuals and families will improve the medical, economic and social health of the High Country.

Using the tools of the internet and social networking, High Country Recreation wants to become the virtual home for all information about recreation in our community. Visitors to the website can find out information about local recreation organizations, team sports registration deadlines, locations for indoor and outdoor facilities in our area and contact information for the “champions” of one of the 14 (and growing) activities listed. Champions are responsible for keeping the web page for their activity up to date and for being the contact person for any questions. In addition, they are well equipped to inform others about advocacy efforts regarding their recreational area. Not only does High Country Recreation want to provide information, but they also want to help connect community members around recreation through the Facebook page which will provide a venue for announcements and reminders about upcoming events.

Imagine a new family in this community who wants to get their son involved in baseball. The baseball link on our website will connect them with all the different organizations who offer baseball as well as provide connections to maps to baseball fields and summer baseball camp opportunities. In addition, this family could connect through the Facebook page to get announcements about all other recreation opportunities going on in our community.

“We feel that this has tremendous potential to increase awareness and participation in recreation activities for youth, adults and families. Our desire is to connect all the different active communities, from cycling to soccer to swimming to baseball, so that we can all help make our community a healthy place to live,” said Scott St. Clair, Board President for High Country Recreation.

Visit the website www.highcountryrecreation.org and Facebook page. If you are interested in more information or in ways to help, please email highcountryrecreation@gmail.com.