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Grandfather Reveals Cultural History Museum Renderings

Nov. 2, 2012. Debuting on the second floor of the two-year-old Top Shop at Grandfather Mountain this week are designers’ renderings depicting the future Grandfather Mountain Cultural History Museum. As a complement to the Nature Museum, this future exhibit will complete the story of Grandfather by telling the tale from a human perspective.

“The new museum will help tell the whole story of Grandfather Mountain since human beings first came here,” said Jesse Pope, director or education and natural resources at the Grandfather Mountain Stewardship Foundation. “There will be 11 separate exhibits in the space, telling the story of the Mountain from the time of the Native Americans to the way people enjoy it today.”

Grandfather Mountain has been a destination for over 11,000 years going all the way back to when the indigenous populations of the area would embark on hunting and spiritual expeditions to Grandfather’s mile-high peaks. It has since served as a world-class hang gliding location, hot spot for the study of rare and endangered plant and animal species and an exciting destination for millions of curious explorers from across the world.

The Grandfather Mountain Cultural History Museum will showcase this history and illustrate how the Mountain became the popular scenic destination and nature preserve it is today. Planned exhibit highlights include: Native American visits to Grandfather, the creation of the attraction, special events, famous visitors and the future of the Mountain. The capital campaign to finance this new project is just beginning.

“We are currently working from a master plan,” said Pope. “We would be happy to share the design with anyone who would be interested in providing input or contributions. It would be an opportunity to leave a personal mark on something that will educate thousands.”

To make a donation to the Grandfather Mountain Cultural Museum project, please visit the “Preservation” tab onwww.grandfather.com and click on “Make A Donation.”

The Grandfather Mountain Stewardship Foundation is a not-for-profit corporation established to preserve Grandfather Mountain, operate the nature park sustainably in the public interest, provide an exceptional experience for guests, and inspire them to be good stewards of the earth’s resources. For more information, visit www.grandfather.com or call 800-468-7325.