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Gal Gadot’s and Chris Pine’s chemistry and some of the fish out of the water comedy

Ah yes, it’s Wonder Woman 1984 baby! I know I’m a week late but I just knew I needed to review this one as Wonder Woman and I have such a great relationship. I really loved her stupid first movie, flaws and all. Especially that climatic battle with the British Devil man, it gets me every time. So I was pumped for WW 1984 all year and glad it came out at Christmas. It felt like DC gifted it just for me because they know I really love Wonder Woman.

If I have to get serious, then I must be the opposite of everyone else who saw this as I enjoyed Wonder Woman 1984 far more than the first one. The first movie is simply overrated, while 1984 is probably more flawed, but it had more positives than the first movie. Before we carry on I’m dropping the spoiler bomb, so there’s the warning.

Golden Bird Woman
Don’t scroll any further if you don’t want to know why Wonder Woman is wearing this gold birdie suit in the trailer.
The Genuine Good


The only good stuff in the first Wonder Woman is Gal Gadot’s and Chris Pine’s chemistry and some of the fish out of the water comedy. 1984 has that return, but I will admit it isn’t as good. Why that is, I’ll get to. The score is very much improved and it did get me pumped for the action scenes. Kristen Wiig and Pedro Pascal were very good at playing the villains, more so Pascal, which we’ll get to very soon. A lot of critics didn’t like the portion after Wonder Woman’s first action scene where its just a series of scenes of not much happening. I disagree and this was the part of the movie I most enjoyed because I got to know these characters better. The movie actually begins to fall apart when the that stupid magic rock became the focus of the movie.


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