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Friends of High Country State Parks Newsletter Now Out

July 6, 2012. Friends of High Country State Parks’ View From The Top Newsletter welcomes visitors to the summit. The Friends of High Country State Parks has moved into 2012 determined to build an organization with a single goal—to become one of the “friends groups” across the country that effectively advocate for—and fund—excellence in parks. Their focus is the NC State Parks of the High Country.

People who support parks, preservation, fitness, outdoor fun and all kinds of lofty goals for future generations find it difficult to know why budget cuts just seem to focus on parks. With that in mind, Friends of High Country State Parks have decided to target funding park programs as a key deliverable.

Donation boxes for the group will be placed at the parks—so they can support important efforts.

If you want to become a membership, the fee is $10.

Friends of the High Country plans include membership car decals and support this summer’s park events—July 28 for the New River Celebration, August 25 for Saturday in the Park at Mt. Jefferson, September 8 for Elk Knob’s Headwaters Community Day and the 22 for Grandfather Mountain’s Family Day at Foscoe Community Center.

Friends of the High Country has new officers for the new year. Chair is David Funderburk (Bob White will remain as a co-chair). Treasurer is Eric Frauman. The Secretary is Pat Beaver. New board members include Hollis Wild, Curtis Smalling and Susan Hazelwood.

They still need additional board member volunteers—so step right up. 

Friends of High Country State Parks’ mission is to enhance and preserve North Carolina’s High Country State Parks—and to protect and grow the funding that makes them essential to our mountain economy.

To see the rest of the newsletter, visit friendsofhcsp.wordpress.com/ or find the friend us on Facebook.