The Foundation for Blowing Rock, a Nonprofit, Elects Officers and Directors

Published Friday, September 11, 2015 at 11:16 am

The Foundation for Blowing Rock Elects Officers and Directors

The Foundation for Blowing Rock, a nonprofit dedicated to business education and economic development in Blowing Rock, recently announced the election of the Officers and Board of Directors for the Foundation. The Foundation was created as a separate, non-profit, tax exempt entity in 2013 by the Blowing Rock Chamber of Commerce.

Elected to serve an initial term ending in December of 2016 are the following leaders from the public and private sectors of the Blowing Rock community: John Aldridge, President and Director; Jim Clabough, Vice President and Director; Rita Davis, Secretary/Treasurer and Director; Bo Henderson, Director; Jerry Hutchens, Director; Basil Kuzyzsyn, Director (Rotary President’s position); Jim Pitts, Director; Cathy Robbins, Director (Chamber President’s position); Brenda Speckmann, Director; Jim Steele, Director; Kent Tarbutton, Director; Keith Tester, Director; J.B. Lawrence, ex officio Director (Mayor’s position); Scott Fogleman, ex officio Director (Town Manager’s position); Albert Yount, ex officio Director (Mayor Pro Tem’s position); Charles Hardin, ex officio Director (Chamber Executive Director’s position); and Tracy Brown, ex officio Director (TDA Executive Director’s position).

At its recent August 19, 2015 board meeting, the Board approved the following statement of its mission:

“The mission of The Foundation for Blowing Rock shall be to promote, implement, and support business education, solicitation and retention, and economic development in Blowing Rock, for the purposes of (i) improving the standard of living in, and economic vitality of Blowing Rock; (ii) fostering orderly, economic growth and development in Blowing Rock; and (iii) generally, lessening the burdens on local government.”

Foundation President, John Aldridge, said the Foundation was created “as a vehicle to serve long term as a reservoir for capital for Blowing Rock available for community needs such as those outlined in the 2009 HyettPalma Retail Study commissioned by the Town Council, and the 2014 Comprehensive Plan Update, adopted by the Town Council.”

Aldridge believes that, through these and other planning efforts, Blowing Rock town leadership has made certain that the community knows what it needs to do to continue improving Blowing Rock and to keep step with other nearby tourist destinations. However, to accomplish those goals, both immediate and long term, he emphasized that the community needs significant and sustainable sources of capital, and that it cannot expect town government to carry the load alone through increased taxes and fees on residents.

Scott Fogleman, Blowing Rock Town Manager and ex officio Director of the Foundation, stated that a foundation dedicated solely to the improvement of Blowing Rock is a sound idea which has the potential to impact Blowing Rock positively and to lessen the burdens on town government.

J. B. Lawrence, Blowing Rock Mayor and ex officio Director of the Foundation, indicated that he looks forward to being a part of the Foundation as it works with the town to ensure that Blowing Rock remains the premier tourist destination in western North Carolina.

For questions regarding the Foundation, to make a donation, or to offer your help and support, contact Rita Davis at 828-295-3162 or at [email protected]

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